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Don’t be so bossy! Don’t be so emotional! Don’t be so shy!

Be more confident! You are too nice! You are arrogant!

You are too sweet! Don’t be so intimidating! Be more like a man!

We from SANOIA believe that every woman is unique! No matter what other people say or how other people want you to be. Your uniqueness makes you super special. That’s why you shouldn’t take a compromise when it comes to your jewelry. Your jewelry should be as unique as you are!

We from SANOIA create a limited edition of jewelry. Every single piece is created because we love it. Our aim is to empower women around the world by wearing our jewelry.


You would prefer another colour or another size? Let us know. Upon request we also create individual pieces. Get in contact with us!


„As I lived myself in Ghana for several months, I'm quite aware of the lack of menstural hygiene facilities and proper health care in the country." 


Founder of SANOIA


1 out of 10 girls in Africa misses school because of her period. Our aim is to support women and girls worldwide, that's why we decided to cooperate with Girls Club Ghana.

The aim of Girls Club Ghana is to educate girls on sensitive health related issues and to reduce the high rate of teenage pregnancy through sexual education. 

For every purchased jewelry piece we give a Ghanaian girl a one-year health insurance.


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We see it as our responsibility to have a positive social impact and to minimize our ecological footprint.  For this reason, order confirmations and invoices are exclusively sent by E-Mail. The purchased items are packed in a reusable pouch and we try to limit unnecessary packaging material. Further, our jewelry items are only produced in a limited amount and we use mainly long-lasting materials for our production. 

Image by Sarah Dorweiler
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